To achieve its mission, IACAPAP has developed and adopted the guidelines and principles of  Ethics in Child and Adolescent Mental Health. IACAPAP also adopts Declarations & Statements, Position Papers and Monographs to help child and adolescent mental health professionals in their work. It promotes its activities through its bi-annual Bulletin.
IACAPAP’s goals for the following years are to:
1. Support organisations devoted to promoting the mental health of children and adolescents;
2. Disseminate information and foster training through multidisciplinary study groups, congresses, publications and other educational initiatives; and
3. Strengthen the bonds between the different regions of the world to promote multi-disciplinary, multi-professional research and clinical practice in child and adolescent mental health (CAMH).
In addition, IACAPAP will promote international, state and community policies within all sectors of human services to ensure evidence-based, culturally acceptable, affordable and accessible mental health services are available for all children and adolescents.
Association Governance
IACAPAP’s Executive Committee is comprised of members from around the world.
Its Constitution provides the framework for the association and its Strategic Plan 2010-2014 provides a map for the association’s future.
The Constitution was amended by vote of the General Assembly in Paris, France in August 2012.
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IACAPAP Constitution
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IACAPAP Regulations
View the Constitution in French.
The IACAPAP is actively pursuing its goals through a variety of programs:
World Congresses
Programs & Campaigns
Declarations and Statements